6 Misconceptions About Working Out

1. If I exercise enough, I don’t need to change my eating habits.

You have probably heard this before Things like “20 minutes of cardio, I burned off that donut.” In truth, you didn’t even come close.

While both cardiovascular and physical exercise is great and has numerous benefits, the main thing that will get you to your goals is your nutrition.

2. Men and women require different exercises.

I don’t even know where this myth may have started. Men and women are hormonally different, the truth is, muscle tissue doesn’t know its gender. It just knows its job. Women and men will both get results from doing the same workouts.

Obviously, women can lift as much weight as men, but both can equally develop muscle proportionally and burn just as many calories.

3. I just want to increase muscle tone

The real truth is you want to eliminate body fat so your muscle shows through. Muscle tone or “tonus” is defined as a state of partial contraction present in a muscle in its passive state as in the medical dictionary.

Muscles are naturally toned but are covered with fat, when you eliminate body fat you uncover lean muscle.

4. I just want to lose fat on my stomach.

You probably don’t want to hear this, however, there is no such thing as fat spot reduction. Doing 500 crunches a day won’t make your abs show any faster than regular workouts. In fact, you’ll burn more of your body’s fuel by doing more full-body workouts.

You need to train your entire body and work on your nutrition. As the cliched saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen.”

5. I’m not losing weight

If you are exercising and eating properly, your body composition will change. You might not see a loss on the scale, but you also might be so focused on watching how much weight you’ve lost you may not notice your pants fitting a little more loosely, or your physical appearance has changed and you may have gained more muscle.

The best way to track your progress is actually quite simple. Take pictures every 2 weeks, date them, and save them. You can always compare your start with your current picture or your last two pictures as well.

6. If I lift heavy weights I will get building muscles

When women think about lifting weights, many of them fear they will gain weight and look bulky, this is not the case.

While it is true that men do gain muscle when lifting heavier weight this is due to the male sex hormone testosterone. Women don’t have this problem.

While you won’t gain building muscles what you will begin to notice the more weight you lift is that you will begin to burn more body fat and your body will begin looking more toned and you will improve the shape of your body.

Final thoughts

These are six of the most common myths that surround the fitness industry, working out and doing daily exercise is the best thing anyone can do to improve their health, the benefits include weight loss, more strength and you will feel much better.

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