Do Female Friendly Steroids Exist

Female Friendly Steroids – Are they Safe?

If you do a search on the Internet, what you will find is that there are a lot of women who ask if anabolic steroids are safe. The answer is not that simple, in this article I will cover a common question which is whether female friendly steroids exist.

The topic of anabolic steroids spurs a lot of curiosity among women, it is believed that if women take steroids they can install transform their bodies.

What a lot of women don’t realize is that steroids are normally used by professional fitness models and bodybuilders. The sole purpose of their use is to enhance an almost perfect physique.

Female Bodybuilder Alleesha Young

Professional fitness models and bodybuilders train hard and keep a close eye on their diet, anabolic steroids help put the finishing touches and help eliminate the last bit of the body and increase muscle definition and vascularity.

Ask any personal trainer or fitness coach about steroid use and most will tell you that before taking any performance-enhancing drugs you should first take a close look at your diet and training program.

Do Female Friendly Steroids Exist?

The simple answer is no, this is because anabolic steroids are performance-enhancing main sex hormone in women drugs that are made from derivates of the male sex hormone testosterone. While women do produce small amounts of testosterone the main sex hormone in women is estrogen.

When women take steroids they can cause physical side effects, some of these can be permanent.

Different kinds of steroids

Not all steroids are the same, some of them have higher anabolic ratings than others, in simple terms the stronger the anabolic rating the more likely they are to cause side effects.

Women who take highly anabolic steroids will eventually begin to experience side effects.

Common side effects in women include:

  • Deepening of the voice
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Irregular periods
  • Increased cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Hair loss (male pattern baldness)
  • Oily skin
  • Mild to severe acne

The severity of the side effects all depends on the anabolic and androgenic rating.

As an example, men who take steroids like trenbolone and Dianabol will gain muscle quickly, this is due to the high anabolic rating these steroids possess. Women who take either of these two steroids will also gain muscle fast however it’s almost a given that they will suffer from many side effects including clitoral enlargement and a deeper voice, and yes they are steroids that should not be considered female-friendly.

Female friendly steroids

Female friendly steroids are those with a lower anabolic rating those that are less likely to cause side effects. The most common steroids considered female-friendly include:

  • Anavar
  • Primobolan
  • Winstrol

The most common steroid used by women tends to be Anavar, the reason it is so popular is that if taken in low doses it tends to have the least side effects. A low dose of Anavar for women is usually considered anything between 5-20mg per day. It’s always best to start off with a low dose to see how the body reacts before increasing it to higher doses.

Anavar (oxandrolone)

Anavar can help reduce body fat and also helps increase athletic performance, many female fitness models take Anavar before a competition in order to lose extra body fat and improve muscle definition.


Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Also know as stanozolol is a popular steroid used by both men and women, if taken in low doses and for a short period of time (no more than 6 weeks) the side effects should be mild, of course, if it is taken in low doses. Women should not exceed a dose of 10mg per day, the higher the dose the more likely you are to experience side effects.

Winstrol Pills


This is another popular anabolic steroid considered female-friendly, the benefits this steroid offers is giving women increase muscle gains (not bulk) which makes it ideal for women who want to increase lean muscle mass and definition. This is also considered female-friendly but the side effects from this steroid can be worse than either Anavar and Winstrol it is recommended that women do not exceed doses of 50mg/per week of primo enanthate (injectable) for no more than 8 weeks or if you plan on taking the pills the dose should not exceed- 50-75mg/ primo acetate (oral) for 8 weeks.


The biggest issue with Primobolan is that trying to find a legitimate product is not easy, in fact, it is considered to be one of the most counterfeited steroids sold online.

Are female friendly steroids safe?

As much as women would like to believe that there are anabolic steroids that are safe, they are not. The only reason they are considered female-friendly is that if taken in lower doses they tend to cause fewer side effects, regardless of how low the dose is, many women may still suffer from some sort of side effect.


As you can see, there is really no such thing as female-friendly steroids, in fact, all steroids cause side effects especially if taken by women, so we strongly suggest you avoid them if at all possible. there are many safe anabolic steroid alternatives women can take that offer similar benefits without the side effects, if in doubt we highly recommend consulting with your doctor or a certified personal trainer.


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