Four Strength Training Myths for Women

For Common Weight Lifting Myths Women Should Know About

The myths associated with women who lift weights are abundant. For this reason, many women avoid lifting weights.

In this article, I will debunk many of the myths Here, and set the record straight, by debunking these myths, and hopefully answer any questions you might have about the impact of weight training.

Myth 1: I don’t want to get too big

Often time, women who start lifting weights say that they do not want to get big to their trainers.

For as long as I have been a personal fitness coach every female client that I have trained has told me that they are afraid to get bulging muscles.

What women do not realize is that many of the images they see of muscular women are due to those women taking anabolic steroids, those images of female bodybuilders in popular fitness magazines (most of them are chemically enhanced) this is why most women believe that they will end up very muscular looking when they lift weights.

Woman and Barbell

This is not true, why you ask? Because, women do not produce testosterone, yes women can develop muscle but because they don’t have as much muscle to start with they, proportionately they do gain muscle but don’t end up with bulky mass like men.

Myth 2: Toning and sculpting is different than gaining muscle

When you hear women that say I just want to gain toned muscle, what women don’t realize is that lifting weights helps tone muscle and helps sculpt their physique. There is no difference between building and toning muscle. A lot of women are concerned that lifting weights will cause them to look big and masculine.

Many of us may have heard women say I just want to tone my arms, buttocks, and tummy, lifting weights will help tone and sculpt your body, the added benefit is that it will help you lose body fat.

Building and toning muscle go hand in hand and won’t make you look big or blocky looking.

Myth 3: Women and men should train differently even though they have the same goal

This statement could not be further than the truth, women, and men can training equally as har, while men may gain more muscle volume, women will gain lean and toned muscle and will actually look great.

Women should focus on core exercises and train all body parts including the back, chest, and legs, lifting more weights will help you burn more calories and help burn more body fat.

In fact, women can alternative between lifting heavy with few reps to high reps and lower weight, this will help stimulate more muscle fibers.

There is such thing as a gender-specific workout woman can train just as hard as men.

Myth 4: Women need to take steroids to get in shape

In order for women to lose body fat and increase muscle definition, they need to take steroids, this is one of the biggest myths you will hear women talk about.

For starters, steroids are no miracle potion, yes anabolic steroids can help women increase physical performance and contribute to fat loss, most women can achieve their goals without taking steroids.

A lot of women believe that steroids are a miracle potion that will miraculously help them gain muscle and improve their physique. This is a big myth.

The truth is miracle potions do not exist., steroids are not going to help transform your body on their own. The best approach for any woman to lose body fat and gain muscle is to adopt proper nutrition and a consistent workout routine.

Even pro fitness models and female bodybuilders only use steroids for a few weeks before a competition, that’s because they have already fine-tuned their body, anabolic steroids and sports supplements are only used to add the finishing touches, and improve vascularity.


The 4 myths mentioned above are common and are often discussed by women, the truth is they are just myths. If you are considering lifting weights, don’t be afraid, most of the things you hear about women and strength training are just myths, in fact lifting weights offers many health benefits and you will look and feel better.


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