Dieting Why it Often Fails

There are millions of people all over the world who are trying to lose weight, the problem is most people fail. Most people who want to lose weight immediately restrict all the foods they like to eat.

Once we do this we seem to crave everything, how many times have we woken up after a weekend of overeating, I’m going to cut back. I need to lose weight. I’m sure everyone has had these thoughts at one time or another.


Weight loss is a restrictive term for a lot of people. The minute people are deprived of something the more they want it.

The best way to lose weight is to take a practical approach in order to be successful.

Why do diets don’t work?

There are dozens of diets anyone can follow, the reason they don’t work is that they can be hard to stick to because of food limitations, the other thing is that they are often one-size-fits-all. Someone who is more active will have a higher calory requirement than someone who is sedentary.

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There have been a few studies one particular diet was published in the medical journal the BMJ where 121 trials had enrolled 22,000 obese adults. These people follow 14 popular diets, included Jenny Craig, Atkins diet, Weight watchers dash, and the medir\tirannean diet.

The diets were grouped in different categories including low carbs and low fat.

The conclusion is that blood pressure and cholesterol levels did drop over six months they eventually climbed back up after a year, as did the weight that was gained back.

As far as the health benefits from each diet, there were no significant differences between the results people would get from one particular diet.

Most diets fail because people don’t stick with them

The main reason diets fail is that people don’t stick with them long enough, regardless of the diet you choose to try, the best way to achieve success is by sticking with a diet, regardless of which one you try.

What about diet plans?

Some may feel that a specific diet plan may work better for them, these are those that offer a prepackaged meal plan on a subscription basis.

These subscription meal plans like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers may seem like a good way to lose weight, especially since the meals are prepackaged and come with exact portions.

Diet plans may seem practical but they can also be expensive yet they may be easier to stick to.

Taking a practical approach to weight loss.

The best way to lose weight is to take a long-term approach, while going on a specific diet can help you lose weight, they are also a recipe for failure. Most men and women who lose weight on a diet will eventually gain it back within six months.

The best way to lose weight is to simply pay a close look at the food you are consuming.

Simply cutting back on sugars and bad carbs is the first step you can take, cutting back on food portions will also help.

Calorie counting just doesn’t work, in order to lose weight, the best approach is to do things slowly and change the whole way you look at food.

Common sense says that if you eat healthy foods, watch your portions you will naturally begin to lose weight, and best of all your chances of keeping it off are better.



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